Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Valentine To Me

This love letter is inspired by Honest Mom.

Dear Ziva,

You are amazing, strong, kind and giving. You are loved.

God loves you, your husband loves you, your children love you and your friends and family love you. 

Yes, life has been hard lately, with two trying toddlers and a hubby who's suffering from anxiety but you still manage.You do so many many things at home, work and church, you are a survivor.

You even spend your spare time making and designing clothes for your children, as well as making gifts for your friends and their children. You cook and clean and do so much for so many.

You may not be Supermum, but you're not doing too bad.

Now it's your turn, it's time to send a little more love your way. Take a little time for yourself, you deserve it you lovely lady.



  1. I am SO GLAD you did this for yourself! Good for you! You are doing a fabulous job, mama!

    Being a mom is such hard work and we should definitely appreciate ourselves more. :-)

    1. Thanks JD, I'm not great at taking time out for myself, so I've been trying to make an extra effort lately. Thanks for the inspiration, and the reminder that I'm supposed to love me.