Saturday, November 10, 2012


My kids are growing up so fast, I was looking at them today and trying to remember what it was like when they were babies. I'm not sure, but I think it was quieter. I have to say though, I'm loving the cute things they are saying at the moment...

Chicken: Mummy, why did you change your clothes?
Me: I didn't darling, I changed my hair colour
Chicken: Oooohh it's blue
Me: Umm, no darling, it's red
Chicken: Oooohh it's red

Gremlin: Mummy, Daddy, you hide, I'll be the Seek.

Chicken: Mummy, you got spreckles on you (freckles)

Gremlin: Watch out the Hunk (Hulk) is getting you

Chicken: No Mummy, I want to plush (flush) the toilet

Gremlin is eagerly planning his 4th birthday party, so far he wants a Spiderman, Superman, Mr Incredible, Batman and Buzz Lightyear cake. I have to say, I'm having fun planning the party too. It's actually hard trying not to give him absolutely everything a little boy could want. I'm so grateful to God for giving me my beautiful children, and my lovely husband, who puts up with me wanting to buy "just one more thing for the party" He has blessed me so much.