Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Baby Girl

Chicken will be 2 in a couple of days, I can't believe it!

She's growing up way too quickly and is turning into such a sweetheart. This morning she spend 10 minutes handing me piles of toys to cuddle because she thought I looked tired (I was lying on the sofa).

I usually go a little nuts when buying presents, especially with my kids but I am trying to be frugal. So instead of spending money on toys she'll probably destroy anyway, I decided to make her a present (which she'll probably destroy anyway).

A friend of mine got some dolls for her daughters made by Emmi's Cottage that were super cute. So I thought I'd try to make one. Thanks to my way too big fabric stash and some donations from my lovely mother-in law. I made this little mermaid.

Now I just need to wrap her up and give her to my not-so-baby girl.

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Bathroom Parade

Every morning for the past few weeks W@dsy and I have been woken up by the rattling of the bedroom doorknob. Gremlin bursts in the room and yells "Daddy, Daddy, I need help wit you!" and bolts into the bathroom. He then stands there doing the "I need to go to the toilet dance" and refuses to actually pee in the toilet unless W@dsy removes his pants for him and plonks him on the toilet.

Now don't get me wrong, my son dragging my not-a-morning-person husband out of bed at 5:30am is funny, but.... Apparently now it's my turn. Since W@dsy doesn't cope well with mornings, I need to take over. And that means Gremlin isn't too happy that his favourtie parnet isn't there, so he wakes his sister and thus begins...

The Bathroom Parade.

The Bathroom Parade is what occurs when 4 people (two of which are fairly new to the whole toilet concept) are attempting to use a single toilet at the same time and all end up having to line up and take turns.

Gremlin is always first, he wakes every one else up and reminds them he needs to go NOW.

Chicken is second, mainly because she stills wears a nappy at night so if an accident occurs, well at least it's in the nappy.

Next it's me, I lock the brats out and do my business in private thank you very much.

Then it's W@dsy because while I was in the bathroom, the kids were in our bed jumping on daddy to wake him up.

As much as I love my kids at the age they are right now, I am really looking forward to the day when they can both get themselves to the bathroom unaccompanied.