Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Insane and Evil

Why am I insane? Because it is 1:11am, I have just finished sewing and I'm not even sleepy yet.

Why am I evil? Because I'm doing something kinda a cruel, I'm making my children.... matching outfits! Yup, soon they will wandering around town looking like a pair of evil twins ready to reek havok unto the world. Okay so I may have watched way too many creepy movies, and it's kinda late so you'll have to excuse my mad ramblings a little.

First I went to Spotlight in search of some Wiggles fabric (my kids are obsessed with the Wiggles). Unfortunately they didn't have any! So I bought some cute knit fabric and some appliques.

Because I'm truly terrible at sewing sleeves, I made Gremlin a sleeveless shirt. And I made Chicken a dress, based off the one I made here. I think I like this one better.

I'm actually pretty proud of these outfits, for once they actually look like I pictured them in my head.

Would it be too cruel to wake them up now, force them to model the clothes, and them make them go back to sleep? Probably.

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