Other Awesome Blogs

Yes ok, I read a fair few "Mummy blogs" but let's face it, I'm a mum and some other mums have great blogs. Anyways, W@dsy reads mum blogs too sometimes, he finds them just as awesome as I do.

Let Me Start By Saying - Kim is an intelligent and funny writer, I wish I could write even a teeny bit as good as her
Make it and Love it - This crafty woman makes amazing things all the time, I so wish I could make half the things she does
Motherhood, WTF? - Sometimes I feel like Alison just takes the words right out of my mouth.
Honest Mom - This brave woman spills it all online
Robin's Chicks - I seriously want to be this gal's Sister Wife (not in a weird polygamy kinda way, but an "I totally get this chick" kinda way)
The Bearded Iris - This woman never ceases to make me laugh.