Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Skirt

Okay I am finally getting off my butt and sewing again. I bought some really cute fabric for a friend's present (Oh yes my dear Niki, this means YOUR present) and made a skirt for Chicken out of the scraps. I went to this blog that I LOVE MakeItandLoveIt and I made the skirt. But being me and very prone to taking shortcuts, I guesstimated the measurements and the skirt turned out thinner and longer than it was supposed to. Oh well it's still cute and I still love the fabric. What do you guys think?

Isn't she a cutie!

I think I may experiment by cutting up some old clothes of mine. But I still have waaaay too much sewing to do before I get myself too distracted.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Due to being stuck in the house for the whole weekend, I went a little crazy. I figured that because we couldn't go anywhere it would be a great time to set up the Christmas tree. Yes I know that it's early but I had to keep the brats children occupied.

We decorated the tree with the angels I made last year but it was looking a little sparse because we were given a bigger tree by my sister-in-law. So it was time to make some more kid friendly decorations. I got the kids to go to town on some white paper with gold paint. then when it had dried I cut out some stars and glued them on some circles of red cardboard.

 I know, it's pretty simple, but I think it's cute

And here's our tree, ta da!

I may add a few more decorations as the kids get bored, but I'm not very good at thinking of things that don't involve me running out and spending money. Got any ideas?

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Back Again

Okay, it's been forever since I blogged. Hmmm, quick update on what's happened.

My hubby in a fit of crazy decided our place wasn't big enough, so we looked at houses, found a bigger place and moved. Which meant lots and lots of packing. Then we got to unpack. I hate how much stuff we have but I can't seem to bring myself to throw much of it away.

We were without a phone and internet in the new house of nearly a month. I somehow survived, but it sucked. It's strange how much you come to rely on something like that, I mean the internet barely existed until I hit my teens.

We all caught a virus that Gremlin brought home from daycare. Entertaining two cranky sick kids while you are also cranky and sick isn't exactly the most fun ever.

Oh and finally I have been getting crafty again, hopefully I will have finished my project and will post again tomorrow.

I am determined to start writing again. We'll see how that goes ;)