Tuesday, July 26, 2011


After getting bored with having mum hair again, I decided to go blonde.

I have tried the blonde thing before, and I must say that this is the most successful it's been. As I am not a millionare I almost always do my own hair dyeing. However this time I got one of my girlfriends to help.

We started here.

First step was bleaching my hair within an inch of its life. This resulted in what Gremlin called, "Yellow Mummy"

Then I went to the shops and bought some blonde dye you even out the colour and make it less yellow. And this was the result.

Ta Da!

So what do you guys think? Hot or Not?

Now for the real question, do blondes have more fun? Well, Gremlin has now gone 2 days without wetting his pants! I call that fun, but I'm not really sure that my new hair had anything to do with it.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Gremlin's Wisdom for the Day

Gremlin was sitting on the loo. I was frustrated because it was way too early to care about toilet training, but I could hardly get mad when he did the right thing by asking to go to the toilet.

Gremlin: Poo Mummy!
Me: Yes, darling
Gremlin: Poo! Yucky!
Me: Yes..
Gremlin: Don't eat it!

At this point I cracked up, all thoughts of early morning grumpiness went away. I love my son and the crazy thing he comes up with.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


I happened, my baby girl turned 1.

She isn't supposed to grow up, she's supposed to stay small, sweet and cute forever.

How did she get from here

To here?

Cramming all the party people into our tiny duplex was a feat, fortunatley it stopped raining long enough for us to go into the backyard and let the kids play a bit. We ate cake, had way too much sugar, and the kids were sweet and charming.... and as soon as all the guests left, they both threw a tantrum.

P.S. Here is the cake I made, I'm very proud of it.