Monday, February 13, 2012

Now What?

In an attempt to save money we have started buying in bulk. Once a month we do a big shop of staples, meat and frankly anything else that will fit in our chest freezer or pantry that we use regularly. I have even started planning meals and generally sticking to the plan.

One problem, I have young kids. Or more specifically, I have Gremlin.

Gremlin has now decided that chicken nuggets, fish fingers, peas and corn are all "Yucky." All previously his favourite foods. Chicken is happy eating just about anything... as long as it is the same thing that Gremlin is eating. Now what am I supposed to do with 80 fish fingers? Now what am I supposed to feed them? I have no idea what the next "favourite" food is going to be.

Gremlin, ever the helpful child, has offered a solution for me. Cookies, cookies would be really yummy for dinner Mummy. I'm sure they would sweetie.

BTW I've been making really yummy cookies lately with this basic recipe then I split up the batch and add different flavours. My favourite flavour so far is peanut butter with extra nuts and chocolate chips.

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