Monday, August 27, 2012

Prince Charming and the Princess

My children have decided that they are royalty, and have started behaving accordingly.

My son Gremlin, is charming. Frustratingly so. He picks his victims, stares up at them with his big brown eyes, and instantly gets what he desires. We have discovered that his trick is polite manners. At the playground, he will occasionally spy a mother with "better" food than the fare I have provided. He will wander up to said mother and say "Please can I please have a chippy please." Beware of the multiple "pleases." If he gets a "No" (which is rare) he puts on a sad puppy dog face and walks back to me dragging his feet, the mother calls him back with a "Oh alright, just one, because you asked so nicely" and then he runs back beaming practically yelling "Thank You!" I go and apologise for my son harassing the poor mother and she just smiles back, "It's fine, he lovely manners" Why yes, he does, how else would he get things off strangers?

Chicken however has decided she's a princess. She is a rather gross princess, but she's a princess. She almost always wants to wear dresses, the second she is wearing the dress she twirls and says "I'm a princess Mummy!" She will then go and play in the backyard, or with her food, or will crawl into a dusty corner somewhere and come out covered in dirt. At daycare, she goes through at least two sets of clothes each day (although its usually 3 or 4) because she gets dirty or gets paint or pen all over herself, once she even came home with an arm dyed blue (it took two days before her skin was white again). I'm kind of proud that I have a girl who, despite liking to be pretty, would rather enjoy life and get a little messy.