Monday, April 11, 2011

Training and Washing

I wish kids were programmable. It would be cool if you could just install a toilet training program when they are ready and they would be toilet trained.

Gremlin has managed to occasionally go to the toilet since before Chicken was born (she's now 9 months) but for some reason he decided to stop. So I have decided to spend the next couple of days convincing him that being toilet trained is the best thing ever. After an entire day of Gremlin in undies, he successfully managed to urinate in the toilet twice. I know I should be proud and grateful etc. but I'm not. If he can get there sometimes then why can't he get there every time? Surely it's less uncomfortable for him to go to the toilet than to wet himself? But apparently I'm supposed just smile, tell him it's okay and mop up the wee again. All I can say is that I am impossibly grateful for the person who invented the washing machine!

Yes my new washing machine arrived today and it's beautiful. I've probably set women's rights back several decades by saying that but who cares?

Anyways, it's shiny, it's new and most importantly it's huge! Hopefully this means I can wash more clothes at one time. But part of me thinks my laundry pile will simply grow to compensate for the new washing machine size. Oooh, my lovely new machine is chirping at me to let me know it has finished, I had better attend to that.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's sequel, My New Dryer. The clever delivery man forgot to put my dryer on the truck today, so he'll drop it around tomorrow. Gee, my life is so interesting.

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  1. I remember when my machine was new *sigh* seems like long ago now. And, a week after i got it, one of the kids coloured it in with a black marker. I remember being so upset! Why can't white things stay white?!?! (i did manage to get a lot of the marker off and now i realise it's actually ok and gives the machine character. ha ha!)

    Is washing still exciting?? Does it have a setting where you can program it to wash through the night? I was excited about this on ours, but too many times i forgot i had done it and the clothes stunk by the arvo.

    I love your life. Matches mine. he he!