Monday, April 25, 2011

The Hunt

It is time. Time when my part-time job will no longer do, it's time for... a full time job.

Now I have to scour the papers and apply apply apply. I'm praying to find a job closer to home and something that pays enough so that it's worth it. At least I have a good excuse for getting my hair cut properly and to spend a little money on pretty office type clothing.

I really hate job-hunting. It makes you feel quite worthless when you get rejection after rejection. There really isn't a lot of hope out there for someone like me. Why? Because I am old enough to know what I'm doing and won't take crap, which annoys those who like to boss people around and pay people minimum wage. And I am too young to have that "years of experience" thing under my belt. But I do it, because lets face it, I would like to be able to afford nice things once and a while.

Well, here I go.


  1. Good luck!! Let us know how ya go!!

  2. Actually, my current job have extended my hours, so no more job hunt! Of course I was offered a job interview by another place the day after, it figures. But I really like my job, so it's good.