Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Toilet Training Rant

I am so sick of toilet training it is not funny.

I have tried everything I can think of and it hasn't worked, if someone else tells me to be patient I may just punch them.

I have tried:
  • letting him run around in undies all day (he just wees on the floor)
  • making him drink heaps of water (he just wees on the floor)
  • letting him run around naked on the grass (he waits until we are inside and wees on the floor)
  • buying a potty (he scoots around the house in it like a car but doesn't wee)
  • getting a singing potty (he just plays with it, no wees. And I want to kill the stupid thing)
  • buying a kiddie seat for the toilet (he just removes it and replaces it, over and over again)
  • giving rewards and cheers for successful trips to the toilet (he would get stickers or stamps but he needs to actually do something first)
  • singing songs to him so he'll relax and go (he waits until we are off the toilet and wees on the floor)
  • allow him to close the door so he has privacy (he just shoves an entire roll of toilet paper down the toilet)
  • stop trying, wait a few months until the girls at daycare insist that he is totally ready (he occasionally goes to the toilet for them but never for me, the bastard!)


  1. Glad someone else is battling this. I've had the grandparents dropping hints about it should be time and he should be old enough etc.

    "Your brother was 1 when he learnt to use the toilet" - ha! Good for him!!

    We haven't started trying anything yet... and i don't really want to at this time. Let me know when you find something that works and ill go with that too. he he he!!

    x K

  2. We should band together and gang up on the children.