Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Not Quite a Princess

When we went to the doctors to take Chicken for her needles I was concerned. Not because of the needles (although she put up a pretty good fight), but because of her height and weight measurements. She is tall and thin, not unhealthilty so, but tall and thin nonetheless. And she's blonde, and she's pretty. My very deep concern is that she'll keep up this trend and become a tall, thin, pretty, blonde teenager.

See she's just too pretty for her own good.

I have one comfort in all of this. She is gross and violent. Okay, I guess that's two things.

Chicken is the kind of girl that you might pass in the shops and think "What kind of mother lets her kid get that dirty?" She constantly has food on her face and in her hair, she rolls around in dirt and sand and she eats it too. She farts all the time. She is constantly getting rubbish out of the bin and playing with it.  Chicken is also quite violent. Gremlin may start most of the fights, but she sure finishes them, usually with a pretty solid bite, poke in the eye or squeal in his ear. She is also pretty unforgiving to herself, she is forever covered in small scratches and bruises. In fact she even sucks her thumb so hard that she cuts her thumb on her teeth. So it could actually heal, we had to put a waterproof bandage on her thumb and then tape up the entire thumb so she wouldn't take the bandage off.

So hopefully she'll stay gross and violent as a teenager too, that should keep the boys away. At least for a little while.

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