Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Son has Jedi Mind Powers

Yes, I'm pretty sure Gremlin is a Jedi. Why? Because of the number of people that are in his thrall.

When we pick up the kids from daycare we get bombarded by carers telling us how sweet and charming our son is, how they wish more of the kids were like him. We figured that once he was settled in he would show his true self, you know, the tantrums, the stubborness and the sibling bashing, but it's been almost a year and the gushing hasn't stopped. It has in fact gotten worse. One lady actually purchased a Wiggles bag for him while op-shopping, not for the daycare, but for him. Another is looking to buy guitars for the Junior Kindy room, just because he likes them so much.

Gremlin even has the other kids in love with him. When we arrive, an older child takes him by the hand and includes him in their game. He has the entire Junior Kindy room playing the air guitar with with him whenever they play a Wiggles CD. It's crazy.

The real question is, will he use his powers for good or evil?


  1. "These are NOT the blocks you are looking for." Has he said something to that effect to distract kids from a toy he wants - while waving his hand in front of their face? Because if so, you indeed have a little Jedi in your midst.

    (Yes, I've seen Star Wars too many times. I blame college boyfriends and my husband.)

  2. Not yet. There is still time though. But now I have a hankering to watch the Star Wars movies, it's been too long since I've seen them.