Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I'm getting sick of explaining. I shouldn't need to defend my fidelity to others. I have never cheated on my husband. No-one asks me outright but a few people seem to assume I have.

Why do I need to say this?

Because my son is not white. I am white, W@dsy is white and my daughter Chicken is white. But Gremlin is not.

He is brown, he has light brown skin and light brown hair and dark brown round puppy dog eyes. He is not adopted, he is mine and W@sdy's. By why does he look different?


Australia is a very multicultral nation. W@dsy is English and his mother is English, his dad is Irish they are all white. My father is a white man born in Australia, my mother was born in India. She is Anglo-Indian with a olive skin. People see my mother's skin, and my stepdad's curly hair and think that Gremlin is theirs. But they look at me and Wadsy and assume that I've been fooling around.

People say,  "Gee your son is really tan." and I say "Yes" and leave a really long pause while they decide whatever they are going to decide about me. I shouldn't need to explain my family tree whenever I meet someone.

W@dsy never has people comment on my son's skin to him, why does everyone ask me?

Am I being too touchy about this? I think I'm just kind of sick of it.

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