Saturday, March 12, 2011

Once upon a time... a land far far away, lived a young lady.

This young lady was named Ziva. She had a lovely life.She worked very hard, but always had money for what she needed and a little left over for what she wanted.She had many friends that she would spend her spare time with. She ate chocolate cake for breakfast.She got to sleep in past 9am some mornings. She was married to a handsome young man who loved her very much. Life was good.

Then one day she made a big decision. "I want to have babies," she said. And her life was never the same.

She still worked very hard, but somehow struggled to make ends meet. She still had many friends, but spare time seemed to evaporate. Chocolate cake was now too sugary to have in the house.And sleeping in past 6am now seemed to be an unreachable goal.

Yet life was somehow better than before.

The handsome young man was still handsome and their love grew more and more every day. And they now have two beautiful children.Now "spare time" was spent singing and dancing around the loungeroom and  giving endless cuddles.Though Ziva sometimes missed her old life, she wouldn't change a thing.

And they all lived happily ever after.

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