Sunday, March 20, 2011

In the Kitchen

I am no Masterchef. But I do enjoy cooking, especially when I have time to. Most people I know seem to have a favourite dish to cook. Mine is Lasagna.

I wish my lasagna looked this presentable.

Ever since I starting cooking my own lasagna I've been kinda put off my pre-made stuff, its just not the same. Generally I make a huge batch and freeze most of it so we can have it for lunches at work.  I'm not Italian, so I'm sure sure if I make it right and my lasagna is largely dependant on what vegetables etc are left in the fridge, but I like it. There is something soothing about cooking meat and sauces and then layering them. And nights like tonight, when the kids are screaming because they believe that bedtime should be optional, I need soothing.

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