Monday, November 29, 2010

Ta Da!

I finally finished the nappy, I think it's cute. I still need to get more done but I'll get there.

Oh and I made some decorations for my Christmas tree. Angels, because well, lets face it there were plenty heralding the birth of Jesus. And I made them from fabric so that Gremlin can't smash them, I figure he can learn not to touch them now while they won't shatter into a million pieces.

They are pretty simple to make, I'm even going to get the kids from church to make them at kids club this week. It's just a circle of fabric (I traced around a plate), a styrofoam ball, a piece of felt and gold string. I'll upload a picture of our tree once I unearth our star from the abyss (aka the garage) and track down some lights that aren't weirdly coloured.

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