Saturday, November 27, 2010


Why do I use cloth nappies? Do I care about the environment? Not really. Is it because they are better for the baby? Kinda, my kids sometimes break out in nappy-rash with disposables. Is it because I want to show off to all the mum's at playgroup what a fantastic mother I am? Seriously, they know I'm a mess. Is it because it is cheaper? Bingo!

I can't afford to keep buying nappies all the time. And frankly, at this point in my life, what's another few loads of laundry?

I am about to start sewing, some of the cloth nappies I bought Gremlin have started leaking through the waterproof fabric so it's time to make a new set. I've made them before, in fact I'm attempting to get a nappy business off the ground.

I don't need too many because he'll toilet train soon. I'm going to make a few fitted nappies so that Chicken can use them after Gremlin is done with them and I'm going to make at least one pocket nappy. I've got pirate treasure waterproof fabric, microfleece, elastic old absorbent inserts from other nappies and snaps. Here I go...

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