Monday, September 14, 2015

Here we go again

Now that W@dsy and I have decided to stop having kids. Its probably time to get my butt back into shape. I am trying to lose 10kg by the end of the year. This is about the hundredth time I have told myself I am going to lose weight. I'm not a goal orientated person but I'm hoping this will work this time.

Do I have an awesome plan to do this? Am I going to go on some special diet? No I'm just trying to get off my butt more often and exercise and not eat junk food. This sounds like a simple plan, however... I love junk food, soooo much. There are several drive through places on my way to Gremlin's school and they call to me. They call to me I tell you. I am doing okay... so far. I am trying to remember to eat a healthy breakfast and have some healthy snacks and plenty of water on hand for when hunger strikes. I am even considering making myself a sticker chart, so I get a sticker everytime I say no to junk food, at least that way I can see my progress even before the weight comes off.

As for exercise, I posted on facebook asking if any of my friends wanted to be my fitness buddy to let me know. Well, quite a few people replied, so I decided that 3 days a week I would go out to a different location and exercise and invited my friends to join me. I asked them NOT to tell me if they couldn't make it, that way I'd have to go, because I didn't know if anyone would be waiting for me. I don't have a brilliant wet weather plan yet, but I figure for now we can meet at my place and do pushups etc when it rains. I'm one week in and going ok (Still craving burgers and fries). But of course I now have a cold :( I will keep exercising but at a lighter pace until I'm better.

Does anyone have any other brilliant healthy weight loss ideas?

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