Sunday, September 6, 2015

Back on track

After a very long break I am back. I have a really good excuse for my long absence.

I had another baby.

After a really long pregnancy involving being medicated for throwing everything up and then being on insulin for gestational diabetes, I had a beautiful baby girl we have nicknamed "Poppet."
She is now 16 months old and running around everywhere.

My family has had a pretty busy time. Other than gaining a beautiful baby, we have moved twice, gained two dogs, a cat and a housemate with a cat. Gremlin has started school and Chicken is in kindy 2 days a week. Our place is pretty crazy these days but I am loving it.

Even though lots has changed, also a lot hasn't. I am still me, still terrible at housework and getting myself organised, but that's ok.

Now that I am back there will be more posts to follow soon.

Catch ya soon.

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