Saturday, November 19, 2011

Back Again

Okay, it's been forever since I blogged. Hmmm, quick update on what's happened.

My hubby in a fit of crazy decided our place wasn't big enough, so we looked at houses, found a bigger place and moved. Which meant lots and lots of packing. Then we got to unpack. I hate how much stuff we have but I can't seem to bring myself to throw much of it away.

We were without a phone and internet in the new house of nearly a month. I somehow survived, but it sucked. It's strange how much you come to rely on something like that, I mean the internet barely existed until I hit my teens.

We all caught a virus that Gremlin brought home from daycare. Entertaining two cranky sick kids while you are also cranky and sick isn't exactly the most fun ever.

Oh and finally I have been getting crafty again, hopefully I will have finished my project and will post again tomorrow.

I am determined to start writing again. We'll see how that goes ;)

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