Tuesday, May 10, 2011


My two and a half year old has out-smarted me and husband.

We thought we were being clever and sneaky, we told Gremlin that if he asked really politely he could have one lolly a day. The lolly was just a sweet flavoured multivitamin for kids. Gremlin however insisted that we would have our lollies at the same time he had his. Taking this opportunity we remembered our multivitamins.

However the little rat has been cheating. In order to get himself two lollies a day, he has been waiting to get each parent alone and ask for his lolly then. He even figured out that if he asks us really early in the morning we are generally too tired to ask the other parent if he's had his lolly yet.

If he can trick us now, what will we do when he's 17?


  1. You can outsmart him right back. Here in the states Target has gummy multivitamins for kids. Ages 2 and up get TWO vitamins per day. So if you have the same sort of vitamins where you are, grab them next time you're at the store. Then you can let the little guy THINK he's being all smarty when really YOU'RE the smarty. He's supposed to be getting two. HA!

    (I have learned that the key to parenting is letting the kids think they are smarter than you. Nice, eh?)

    JD at www.MomagementMatters.com