Saturday, May 21, 2011

5 Great Achievments of an Underachiever

There are very few days that end with the feeling like I've actually accomplished something, but today I did. So I figured I'd boast about it.

1. Get woken at 5am by 2 children and not killing them

2. Brushing up on my facepainting skills (bad pun I know) by experimenting on my children. This earned me the first deliberate bite from Chicken, even though I only painted her hand.

 Gremlin striking a pose

As my attempt at painting her face failed miserably, I settled for a cute star on Chicken's hand

3. Going shopping and only coming back with the things on the list.

4. Going to McDonalds to facepaint for 2 and a half hours to raise money for school chaplains.

5. Going home and exercising. (I may be the proud owner of a gym membership, but I rarely actually go)

Ok so I didn't actually achieve much, but I survived.

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