Friday, December 31, 2010

Gardening grrr

Gardening is sooo not my favourite chore.

W@dsy and I had planned our day, we checked the weather reports so we could catch the one day without rain, we arranged for my father to take the kids in the morning and we borrowed the mower.

We were going to attack the lawn. We dropped the kids off, collected the mower, got home and it started to rain. A good ten minute soak later and we got started. The sky completely cleared up which sounds like a good thing except the rain had wet the ground just enough so that I couldn't weed without getting wet, the weed killer won't work on wet plants and in the increasing heat of the day it felt like steam was coming off the ground.

After a few hours we stood up and surveyed our handywork, our yard looked tidier. That's all, just tidier. Hours of work, scratched up hands, sunburn and sweat and all we have is the satisfaction that the yard will stay tidy, until you know, it starts growing again.

I wish we could just have a plastic lawn, trees and shrubs so we wouldn't have to mow or weed or prune. Oh well, at least we'll start the new year with a somewhat presentable lawn.

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