Sunday, December 26, 2010

Eek! It's been like forever since I last blogged.

So, Christmas.

On Christmas Eve I did a halfday of work and bought the last few things for Christmas dinner, then W@dsy and I went home and assembled the kids' Christmas present.

Ta Da!

Gremlin loves it but unfortunately the weather is terrible at the moment and he can't play on it much.

I spent Christmas day cleaning, cooking, ferrying Gremlin inside from the rain then outside to play, and familying. It was fun but tiring. My turkey with bacon and onion stuffing turned out really well and everything went really smoothly. I felt a little odd about that, the day was quite organised and I kind of missed my usual level of insanity. I almost felt... dare I say it...normal! And now I have plenty of leftovers to consume, so much for eating healthy. Oh well, the diet can always start next year, right?

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