Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve, first day of holidays

As much as I enjoy being able to go to work and escape the kids occasionally, I've really been looking forward to this Christmas break. I want to spend time with my kids and just enjoy being with them. So, Day 1 of holidays and this is what we did.
  • Cut kids' hair, Chicken's fringe is a little too short, but it'll grow
  • Gremlin bumped the dresser and one of the wise men from the nativity set lost his head.
  • Did some housework
  • Had my friend Niki over 
  • W@dsy bumped the dresser, and now we are down to only 1 wise man
  • Niki, Gremlin and I assembled a gingerbread train
  • Finished knitting a headband for Chicken
  • Painted the kids faces ('cos you know, why not?)
  • Ducked to the shops to buy ice for tomorrow
  • Read books, sung songs, was tackled by children
  • Children fed and put to bed
 Daddy Wrestling, a favourite pasttime
 The Little Engine that could.... be put together that is. (Please ignore my very bad attempt at an icing design on the front)
 Little Miss Chicken modelling her new short fringe and the headband I just made
 Gremlin as Spiderman (what did people used to facepaint before super heros?)
Chicken and her butterfly (I practically had to tie her down to get her to sit still long enough for this)

Phew, I'm exhausted. Are the holidays over yet?

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