Sunday, June 12, 2011

5 Lovely Moments for the Day

Today is one of those days when the kids are super cute. They just do one cute thing after another and it makes up for all those bad days.

  1. While I was singing on stage at church, Chicken was in her stroller, grinning at me, then covering her eyes with her blanket and playing Peek-a-Boo.
  2. Gremlin was playing with his toys and jumped up, yelled "toilet" and ran for the toilet, and he made it.Yay!
  3. Chicken playing with the hats in the dress-up box.
  4. While playing in the paddle pool, Gremlin discovered that if he sat in the water and stood up, water dripped down his undies making it look like he was weeing. So he kept dunking his butt in the water, standing up, then bending over so he could see himself "wee."
  5. Both kids attempting to dance with the Wiggles DVD.
 Nice Hat Chicken

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